2018, Feb 14    

I am a consultant and an engineer which means I spend a lot of time away from my desk which means I need the ability to work pretty much wherever I can find somewhere to sit down. As I never leave the house without my backpack (sadly not even for social occasions) I constantly tweak it’s contents to make sure I am carrying only things that will help me deal with whatever work sends my way but also still keep it as light as possible. This page will get replaced fully about once a year but I tend to update it if there are any major changes

Every Day Carry

  1. Everki Studio Slim Laptop Backpack. Traditionally I’ve always used Briggs and Riley back packs but I recently discovered the Everki Studio which literally has pockets for everything I carry thus eliminating the need for me to carry bag cable organisers. It’s a rare example of a well priced backpack that isn’t over engineered
  2. 2017 13-Inch Macbook Pro (Escape Edition)
  3. Moleskine Book
  4. Uniball Eye Pen
  5. 2 x External SSD Drives (1TB and 256GB)
  6. Apple Airpods (3.5MM version & Lightening Version) for backup
  7. Rituals Hand Moisturiser
  8. Porsche USB Key & USB/Lightening Key
  9. Apple Lightening to USB C Cable
  10. Apple Watch to USB C Cable
  11. Oakley CROSSLINK SWITCH Glasses with transitional lenses and polarised sunglasses
  12. Anker PowerCore+ 26800 PD
  13. iPad Pro 10.5-Inch
  14. Apple Watch Series 3 LTE (Silver Nike Edition with Midnight Blue Sport Band)
  15. TUMI ID Lock™ Multi Window Card Case
  16. Space Grey iPhone XS Max 256GB / EE 25GB 4GEE Max plan / TOZO Ultra thin iPhone X Case. My sim only deal from EE allows roaming in the EU and US at no extra charge so is perfect for my needs. The high data allowance ensures I rarely need to use a hotspot at home or abroad and because I use iCloud tethering I no longer need to carry a 4G router. I recently switched the EE line to an eSIM so that I can use the sim tray for my pay-as-you-go Truphone Sim which gives me a native US number on the same phone
  17. Anker Battery Pouch used as Cable Pouch
  18. iFixt Toolkit
  19. USB C to Micro USB 3.1 Cable
  20. USB A to Micro USB 3.1 Cable
  21. ANYWATT ONE MagSafe to USB C Power Delivery Adapter. I carry this in case I need to use someones Magsafe 2 to charge my laptop.
  22. USB C to USB A Adaptor
  23. Mini Maglight LED torch
  24. Blue Microfibre Cloth
  25. Apple 87w USB-C Power block
  26. UK Plug
  27. Apple USB C Cable (the one that came with the MacBook Pro)

Drop In Bag

My drop in bag is simply a bag of Apple international cables. I am not a fan of travel adaptors but over the years I’ve been able to collect various Apple Cables. I keep them all in the bag my Dodocool pouch came in as it happens to be the perfect size.

Last updated November 12th 2018